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"Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable". To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, so do it. The soul of an artist cannot be muted indefinitely. It must either be expressed or it will consume the host.

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    I don’t understand how someone who claims to love you can make you feel so useless and unwanted. No matter how hard you try to make things work, the only things that are pointed out are your flaws and never your efforts. But you love them enough to stick around and try it again, even though it’s exhausting and depressing. Wanting to feel their love and wanting their attention. But they only give together enough that keeps you hanging by a thread and wanting more. You change your hair dramatically, no compliments. You’re feeling down, no pick me up in sight. You haven’t talked all day, no text or phone calls. You’re sick, nothing but a “feel better”. But as soon as you say you’re finished, they somehow put all this effort into trying to make you stay. But for what? Just to keep making you feel worthless and shitty? Just to have you crying every night without giving a fuck and just going to bed? I don’t understand the point in staying, except for how big my heart is. And the fact that I haven’t shattered into pieces yet because I really want it to work. And I truly believe that one day you’ll be able to understand where I’m coming from without getting angry or wanting to be right. And things will be okay..